ICYMI: Gingrich sent a WARNING about Nancy Pelosi that Republicans need to hear

“Speaker Pelosi”

Newt Gingrich has been at Donald Trump’s side as a very loyal supporter. He wants nothing more than for the Administration and Republicans to succeed but they need to be worried. Gingrich has a warning they need to hear.

Gingrich warns that if Republicans to not get to work and have ample results to show for it, Pelosi could rise to power. We are in grave danger of having to answer to Speaker Pelosi if things don’t shape up. Scroll down for more.

American Mirror Reports 

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich issued a dire warning to Republicans on Monday: Improve the economy or face cataclysmic losses in 2018.

How bad? Nancy Pelosi would return to the Speaker’s chair.

During an appearance on Fox News, Gingrich urged Republicans to focus on economic growth.

“They have got to pass by Thanksgiving, and get signed into law, by Thanksgiving, a very large tax cut, retroactively designed back to January 1 to make sure that we have enough economic growth in 2018. That Republicans can run as the party of prosperity, of jobs, of higher take home pay, and of economic growth,” Gingrich said.

He said the “highest focus” should be getting the tax bill passed.

“If we don’t have economic growth next year, I think we’re in real danger of having Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019,” Gingrich said.

What do you think? Should we be worried about a SPEAKER PELOSI?


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