According to The Hill, even the super-liberal NY Times hates Michael Moore’s new anti-Trump broadway show.

He even went as far as to say that watching it is like “being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with a garrulous, self-regarding, time-sucking uncle.”

Here’s more from The Hill:

“Gotta love him,” the Times’s Jesse Green writes of his reaction to Moore in the opening night Thursday review, “but maybe let’s turn on the television.”

Moore has described his one-man show, called “The Terms of my Surrender,” as “a very developed piece of entertainment for people who like to think.”

But Green says of the “Fahrenheit 9/11” filmmaker and liberal activist that “you don’t have to disagree with Mr. Moore’s politics to find that his shtick has become disagreeable with age.”

The theater performance “falls short of offering useful ideas about how individuals can make a difference — as Mr. Moore, drawing on his own biography, insists they can,” the Times’s critic writes. “Details are scant. Run for school board, he recommends. Be Rosa Parks. Download 5calls.org, an app that promises to ‘turn your passive participation into active resistance.’”

“This show did that pretty well for me, even without the app. I actively resisted plenty of material that might otherwise be amenable to me politically,” says Green.

Green writes that “hokey set pieces … fizzled,” while a game show-style audience participation stunt could be done better by “almost any savvy talk show host.” The Times calls some of Moore’s targets, such as former President Ronald Reagan and conservative media figure Glenn Beck, “so old and obvious.”

“But even when Mr. Moore turns his attention to more recent and generally compelling matters, as in a long, impassioned segment about the water crisis in Flint, Mich., you sense that he is enjoying his dudgeon too much,” the paper’s reviewer says.

It’s not all bad reviews for Moore’s Broadway debut, though.

The Hollywood Reporter called Moore a “warmly funny and engaging raconteur, presiding over an evening of surprising emotional depths.”

If the Trump-hating NY Times is criticizing your play, that’s how you KNOW it’s bad. You’d think that they’d applaud Moore’s utter distaste for President Trump, but even this one went too far.

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