MSNBC Host Looked Stupid when Trying to Troll Melania Backfired

It’s the dumbest Fake News from MSNBC ever… Trump Colluded with Russia because he married women from ex-Soviet states. LOL!!

MSNBC host Joy Reid backfired spectacularly failing fact checks when she tried to troll Lady Melania, and doubled down her own mistakes when people tried to correct her.

The DC Caller reported:

MSNBC host Joy Reid spectacularly failed when she tried to take a swing at President Donald Trump on Friday.

Reid, who hosts a weekend show on MSNBC, attempted to cast aspersions on Trump by pointing out that two of his three wives are from nations formerly part of the Soviet Union.

Reid did not clarify why she was making the point, though it’s most likely part of the campaign to tie Trump to Russia.

Here’s a review of everything Reid got wrong.

“Donald Trump married one American (his second wife) and two women from what used to be Soviet Yugoslavia: Ivana-Slovakia, Melania-Slovenia,” Reid wrote.

There are several errors in that tweet. Reid is correct that one of the three women Trump has married is an American. Marla Maples was born in Georgia, the southern U.S. state, not the former Soviet republic.

She is also correct that Melania Trump, who Trump married in 2005, is from Slovenia.

But Trump’s first wife, Ivana, is not from Slovakia. Nor was Slovakia part of Yugoslavia. And Yugoslavia, while communist, was not a member of the Soviet bloc.

Ivana Trump, the mother of Trump’s first three children, was born in what is now the Czech Republic, formerly known as Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia became a part of the Soviet bloc in 1948, a year before Ivana was born.

Reid was correct in one regard: Slovenia, where Melania was born, is one of the five nations that once made up Yugoslavia. But as noted above, Yugoslavia was not a part of the Soviet Union.

Reid noted only one of the errors in her tweet.

But she doubled down on another inaccuracy.

One Twitter user responded aptly to Reid’s numerous errors.

How do you feel about a news correspondent making such mistakes?

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