Is the “Trump Effect” Making Democrats STRUGGLE to Raise Money?

In a shocking report, Democrats only raised $5.5 million in June!

Democrats reportedly only managed to raise 40% of the $13.5 million Republicans raised in June.

The Hill reported:

“The Democratic National Committee (DNC) added $200,000 to their now $3.3 million debt in June, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission report, falling further behind Republican fundraising efforts.  

The Republican National Committee (RNC) outpaced the Democrats in fundraising in June by over $8 million, raising a staggering $13.5 million compared to the DNC’s $5.5 million. 

Unlike the Republican’s debt-free committee, the DNC typically goes into debt during election seasons, but it currently remains far behind the GOP financially. 

The DNC has $7.5 million on hand, after a string of losses to Republicans in special congressional elections, including the race for Georgia’s 6th District, which broke fundraising records to become the most expensive congressional race. The RNC has $44.7 million in cash on-hand, according to the filings. 

Senate Democrats are preparing for the 2018 midterm election, where 25 of the 34 seats up for reelection are currently held by Democrats.” 

What do you think, is the “Trump Effect” making Democrats struggle to raise money… Or are American voters disappointed with them?

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