VIDEO: Hannity trolls ‘Morning Joe’; Offers to pay for Joe & Mika’s therapy sessions

On Thursday, Sean Hannity blasted ‘Morning Joe’ host Joe Scarborough and his fiancé Mika Brzezinski’s continuing “meltdown” over the Trump presidency, and he made them an irresistible offer!

Sean said he was “getting worried” over their relationship and offered to pay for their therapy for a year. When you consider how much they’re freaking out over the Trump administration, this would probably do them very well!

Watch Sean’s epic monologue below:

With all these emotional breakdowns, all this anger towards the President, I’m actually getting worried about Mika and Liberal Joe. See, America’s favorite couple that nobody watches, they’re starting out their lives together and I want them to be successful,” said Sean. “It seems the stress of the Trump presidency is really beginning to drag them down.”

I am willing to pay out of my pocket, out of love and sympathy, for therapy for a year so you’re new beautiful relationship can thrive in the Trump era,” joked Sean.
Do you think Joe & Mika will accept?

H/T Hannity
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