BOOM: CNN is STILL getting pummeled by Fox News in every single time slot

After Bill O’Reilly left Fox News, the network suffered a little bit of a ratings dip. The liberal media was already doing a “touchdown dance” thinking that the conservative-leaning network was facing it’s final days.

However, after a little bit of adjustment, Fox News is back on top and is eating CNN for lunch in the ratings department!

Below you will see a chart that shows Fox News destroying CNN in every…single…time slot!

Take a look at these latest numbers from AdWeek:

The chart above shows us a few amazing things:

Tucker Carlson more than DOUBLES Anderson Cooper…

“The Five” more than DOUBLES the 2nd hour of Anderson Cooper…

Hannity more than DOUBLES Don Lemon…

And Tucker Carlson’s RE-BROADCAST is destroying the 2nd hour of Don Lemon!

This is more proof that the American people are abandoning CNN by the tens of thousands, and we couldn’t be happier! What also needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that CNN is automatically put on in restaurants, offices and other public places. This means that their numbers are probably OVER-ESTIMATED because these aren’t even real viewers!

What do you have to say about CNN continue to be shellacked?



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