Mike Pence SOLDIERS ON for President Trump and Republicans ABOVE the Storm

Pence has a long history in the conservative movement. Members of Congress trust him.

As the president continues to be attacked on all fronts, VP Mike Pence has managed to rise above the storm to continue soldering on.

According to a Washington Examiner report:

“As the White House was struggling to tamp down the controversy over Donald Trump Jr.‘s campaign meeting with a Russian lawyer, Vice President Mike Pence was recruiting Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to enter a Senate race that is one of the Republicans’ best pickup opportunities next year.

“Josh spoke to Vice President Pence this weekend and has been getting a great deal of encouragement to run,” a Hawley spokesman told the Kansas City Star. “He is giving the race serious consideration.”

With the Russian intrigue pummeling the White House anew, Pence’s role as a party leader, President Trump‘s point man on Capitol Hill, and a source of calm within the storm becomes even more important as Republicans try to forge ahead with their agenda in spite of the probe into last year’s election.

The fact that Pence is divorced from anything to do with Russia is a great help to the administration, for sure, because he’s not bogged down in the investigations that are swirling,” said Bradley Blakeman, a Republican strategist and former adviser to George W. Bush. “He’s above that.”

“The constant controversy surrounding Trump drives members of Congress closer to Mike Pence, who has managed to stay above the fray,” said a GOP congressional aide. “Whether this translates into policy wins for Pence is to be determined, but he’s certainly emerged as a safe refuge for congressional leaders not wanting to totally distance themselves from the White House but needing some space from the Trump controversies.”

Also, unlike the president, Pence has a long history in the conservative movement. He voted against many of the increases in federal spending that took place the last time Republicans controlled both the White House and Congress, including such major Bush administration initiatives as No Child Left Behind and the Medicare prescription drug benefit.

That gave Pence the credibility to negotiate with Republican lawmakers on thorny issues like healthcare, as getting the party to consensus on how to partially repeal and replace Obamacare has been much more difficult than anticipated. Sometimes, that means holding the line against conservative insurgents, while other times, he acts as their voice.”

Are you glad President Trump has Mike Pence as the VP to support him?


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