VIDEO: Harvard Law Professor has GREAT NEWS for Donald Trump Jr.

While talking with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said that there is nothing that Don Jr. did that will hurt him legally.

Dershowitz explained that even if Trump Jr. received and USED material that was obtained illegally, he’s not in legal jeopardy as long as he had nothing to do with the illegal nature of obtaining the information.

“There’s a big difference between the act of stealing or the act of hacking and the act of using it,” Dershowitz said. “There’s really no difference under the First Amendment between a campaigner using information from somebody who obtained it illegally and a newspaper doing it.”

In terms of the ethics of it all, Dershowitz asked a basic rhetorical question:

“What campaign is going to turn down political dirt?”

Dershowitz continued by saying that it’s important to distinguish between “Political sins and federal crimes”.

After watching this enter explanation from Dershowitz, it’s clear that Don Jr. is not in any legal trouble whatsoever. The only thing he and the Trump family will have to deal with is political pushback, but that is something they’ve easily overcome in the past.

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