America First: White House to stage “Made in America” themed Week

Trump is putting AMERICA FIRST

Donald Trump has made it very clear what he plans to do with our country. He is doing what we haven’t seen in a long time and he is putting AMERICA FIRST! An epic three week long campaign has been revealed.

This event kicks off with an entire week dedicated to “Made in America” The White House will be hosting nothing but the finest quality American products in order to show that we are BACK! Scroll down for more.

Daily Caller Reports 


The White House revealed a three-week campaign starting with a “Made in America” themed week, which will promote U.S. jobs and products beginning Monday.

One of President Donald Trump’s biggest slogans during the 2016 presidential campaign was “America First.” The “Made in America” theme is the first of the three-week campaign followed by an “American Heroes” week and ending with “American Dream.” The White House told reporters about the campaign Sunday.

“This week the Trump administration will honor the amazing American workers and companies who have products that are made in America,” Helen Ferre, the White House director of media affairs, told reporters at a Sunday briefing at the White House. Ferre said the U.S. sets “the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.”

The White House will host a product showcase to feature American-made products from every state Monday. Trump will address the American people Wednesday to emphasize the importance of keeping jobs and factories in the U.S. The president will then travel to Newport News, Va., to attend the commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford, the first of a new generation of aircraft carriers, which costs $13 billion. 

Trump’s three week campaign focusing on American values continues to demonstrate his commitment to put “America First.”

How awesome is this?! Trump is going to put AMERICA FIRST and MAKE US GREAT AGAIN!


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