BREAKING: MASSIVE verdict in OJ Simpson parole hearing

According to the LA Times, O.J. Simpson was just granted parole by the state of Nevada for convictions connected to a robbery in a Las Vegas about a decade ago. He could be out of jail as early as October 1st.

This story is just breaking and we are getting more details as time passes. We will updated you with more as soon as we hear more, but this is what we know from the LA Times…

Here’s more from the LA Times:

The ruling came after a hearing that in which Simpson testified that he longed to be reunited with his family and children and said that he has no interest in returning to the media spotlight.

During the hearing, he was assured by one of his victims that he already has a ride waiting for him when he gets out.

“I feel that it’s time to give him a second chance; it’s time for him to go home to his family, his friends,” Bruce Frumong, a sports memorabilia dealer and a friend of Simpson’s, told the Nevada Board of Parole on Thursday, which will determine whether Simpson stays behind bars.

Frumong was threatened and robbed by Simpson and some of his associates in a Las Vegas hotel in 2007, and his testimony had led to Simpson’s imprisonment. But, Frumong told the board, “If he called me tomorrow and said, ‘Bruce I’m getting out, would you pick me up?’”

Frumong paused, and he turned to Simpson and addressed the former USC star by his nickname. “Juice, I’d be here tomorrow. I mean that, buddy.”

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