In case you missed it, Danney Williams sent a VIRAL Fathers Day message to Bill Clinton

If you’re late to the “political party”, there was quite a fiasco last year when a young Arkansas man named Danney Williams claimed to be the son of former President Bill Clinton.

Williams is hell-bent on proving it to the world, but Bill clearly will never submit to a DNA test. Nevertheless, Williams is continuing to push his true belief that Bill Clinton is his father. And, by looking at side-by-side pictures, you’d be hard pressed to say otherwise.

Check out Williams’ Fathers Day message to Bill along with hilarious commentary from the Daily Caller:

Last year, a young man in Arkansas named Danney Williams came out with the claim that Bill Clinton is his biological father. There’s just one problem with this assertion. In order for this to be true, it would mean that at some point in the past 30-odd years, Bill Clinton had sex with a woman other than Hillary.

Yeah, right!

Nevertheless, Williams is persisting:

Williams may or may not be Clinton’s illegitimate son. He may or may not be a real-life Jon Snow. But one thing’s for sure: He has inspired the greatest song of the 21st Century.

Do YOU think that Slick Willy is his father? Comment below…


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