Clay Travis obliterates Colin Kaepernick with FACTS after he compares Cops to Slave Patrollers

Clay Travis, who is known as “The Most Dangerous Man In Sports Media” because of his raw and honest opinions, has come out swinging against Colin Kaepernick for comparing modern day Police Officers to slave patrollers back in the day.

If you haven’t yet seen Kaepernicks tweet, here it is again:

In a lengthy blog post, Travis uses cold-hard statistics to prove that not only is Kaepernick ridiculous for tweeting this, but he’s factually INCORRECT.

Here’s a clip of what Clay Travis said on his morning radio show:

Here’s some commentary from his blog (via

“Twelve people sat on this jury for two weeks, including one black woman and one black man. Presumably nearly 17% of that jury, a larger population of black people than exists in the country at large, were not racist against black people and presupposed to support police violence against minorities. Yet this jury, which spent two weeks reviewing all evidence instead of watching a video online for two minutes, unanimously agreed that the police officer in this case was not guilty on all charges.

And whether you agree with this jury decision or not, it’s definitely fair to say that this jury decision was much braver than convicting the police officer of all charges. That is, the mob of people demanding justice in this case were not supporting the police officer so the easiest possible decision by this jury would have been to find this defendant guilty and exit the jury chamber as heroes.

As any lawyer will tell you, convincing 12 people to support a unanimous verdict of innocence when the entire state’s power is arrayed against your client is not an easy task.

So if you’re upset with anyone in this case, it should be the jury, not the police officer or the state or city government. The police officer was charged with multiple crimes and prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allowed. The state of Minnesota could not have done more here. But a 12 person jury did not believe this police officer was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This happens all the the time in criminal court rooms — being guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is a very high standard to meet when a defendant has excellent legal representation.

It is, of course, a totally inaccurate Internet meme to compare modern day police officers to slave catchers since most police in American history never had anything to do with slavery. And the vast, vast majority of police officers today are not racist. But, of course, that doesn’t matter, social media isn’t designed to handle nuance or distribute truth, it’s about taking extreme positions and provoking reactions.

The simple truth of the matter is this — no one protects more black lives than the police in this country. If you doubt me, look at the murder rates in cities were black lives matter protesters have been the most active. In just about all of these cities the murder rate has skyrocketed as police have stopped aggressive policing designed to save mostly black lives. Because who kills the vast majority of black people in these cities where black lives matter activists have been the most active? It’s not the police, 93% of the time it’s black people killing other black people. When minorities protest police the result is not black lives mattering more, it’s more black people killed by other black people. It’s black lives mattering less.

The idea that police officers are waging war on black people and regularly killing innocent black victims is simply not true or supported by any statistical data. Police officer shootings are extremely rare and police remain far more likely to shoot white people than they are to shoot black people. And when you adjust police shooting data on a per capita basis to account for the fact that black people commit violent crimes at rates far in excess of their population, white people are more likely to be shot by police than black people even though they produce less crime per capita.

Indeed, look at 2017 data, white people are being shot and killed at nearly twice the rate of black people so far this year.

But all of this misses a larger point — getting shot by police in this country is really damn rare.

How rare? Bees, wasps, and hornets killed more unarmed people in 2016 than police did. If you are unarmed when you leave your house every morning you are five times as likely to be killed by a train and nearly as likely to be killed by lightning as you are shot and killed by police.”

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