CNN host asks “Isn’t wrestling fake?”; Don jr. owns him in just 5 WORDS…

President Trump has the media up in arms again this morning after releasing a mock video of him “punching” CNN…and the entire liberal media is uber-triggered.

In case you missed it, here it is again:

In response, CNN’s Anti-Trump correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted “Isn’t wrestling fake?”:

Don Jr. fired back with 5 simple words that shut Acosta up for good:


Yes, Don Jr. dropped the hammer on the FAKE NEWS media coverage that CNN spews on a daily basis! That’s what they get for spreading false news about our President in their attempt to advance their own narrative.

Just earlier this week, we caught a CNN producer saying that they’re only pushing the Russia story because “it’s good for ratings”. In case you missed that, click here.

Here are some more epic Twitter reactions:

We love our President!

Comment below with your opinion on this whole media freakout…


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