CNN reporter complains that White House takes questions from Conservatives; “Does this feel like America?”

CNN’s Jim Acosta is throwing a hissy fit because the White House routinely calls upon Conservatives journalists and websites during their daily briefing (yes, really).

Apparently, these liberal journalists aren’t used to Conservatives being called upon, and now they’re making their dissatisfaction known.

Acosta went even as far as to ask “Does this feel like America?”

Look at his idiotic complaint below:

According to the Daily Caller, Sarah Huckabee Sanders called on a WIDE VARIETY of journalists, but he simply doesn’t want to acknowledge that.

Here’s that the Daily Caller had to say:

“Despite Acosta’s complaints, Sanders took questions from several reporters who work for outlets like CBS, NBC, NPR and Bloomberg News.

Acosta’s outburst was an apparent response to Sanders’ critique of CNN early in the press briefing. Sanders blasted the network over its retraction this weekend of an article which claimed that Trump transition official Anthony Scaramucci was under congressional investigation over Russian business ties.

CNN retracted the article after Scaramucci vehemently denied the claim. Three employees who worked on the piece resigned on Monday.

CNN found itself in another scandal early Tuesday after the conservative group Project Veritas released an undercover video in which a health news producer for the network was recorded saying that CNN’s coverage of Trump-Russia connections was “mostly bullshit.”

Others called out Acosta for not reporting the facts when it came to who they were calling on for questions:



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