CNN’s Latest FAKE NEWS is Hilarious!

CNN’s fake news empire is going global, LOL

In its latest attempt to perpetuate the Russian Hacking conspiracy, CNN was caught trying to blame Russia for “hacking” Qatar, and had to backtrack and turned around to blame UAE instead.

ZeroHedge reported;

“Just over a month ago, we expressed amazement at just how sophisticated, efficient and pervasive the ‘Russian hacking’ community had become after CNN reported – citing unnamed government officials of course – that they had managed to hack into a Qatari News Agency and post a ‘fake’ news story all in an attempt to drive a wedge between the U.S., Qatar and some of it’s Gulf Arab neighbors, one which culminated – at least according to the CNN narrative – with the Qatari crisis in which an alliance of Arab states led by Saudi Arabia isolated and blockaded the nat gas rich nation.

The CNN headline made it quite clear: ignore the Arab conflict and please focus on the only thing that matters these days: Russia. Just in case it is somehow lost, we will have it here for posterity.

Think about that for a minute: set aside the logistics of the actual hacking event itself and consider just how good the Russians had to be to know exactly what news story needed to be planted inside the Qatari news agency to provoke an immediate severing of diplomatic ties by numerous Arab neighboring states: it truly was amazing how it all played out exactly the way the Russians planned. The conclusion: those wily ‘Russian hackers’ are certainly not a bunch of amateurs, would come in useful as the Russian hacking narrative just refused to go away.

As it turns out, it’s somewhat ironic that CNN accused Russia of spreading “fake news stories” that “have turned up amid elections in France, Germany and other countries” because, as CNN’s ideological twins over at the WaPo blasted moments ago, it wasn’t Russia at all (now that the hacking narrative has found a renewed vigor in the US, courtesy of the leaked Trump Jr. emails) but – wait for it – the UAE, i.e. not Russia. Compare the CNN headline above from June 6 with what the WaPo has just published:

Do you think it’s time to shut CNN down?


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