Crazed CNN guest GUSHES over Nancy Pelosi: “She should be on the Mt. Rushmore of Speakers” [VIDEO]

Liberal CNN gust Paul Begala thinks that Nancy Pelosi has done such a “great job” for our country that she should be on the “Mt. Rushmore” of House Speakers.

This was during a panel discussion on CNN where they were discussing Pelosi’s future as the leader of the Democrat party. Begala gushed over her “record” as Speaker of the House in past years and thinks that she is one of the best leaders the Democratic party has ever had.

Yes, even though she can’t string two sentences together without stuttering, she’s “great” for the Democratic party. (I’ll admit, it’s GREAT for Trump supporters if she sticks around!)

Watch his crazed obsession below:

Begala got rather passionate when speaking about Pelosi and comparing her to Paul Ryan. He raised his voice and frantically said; “Her disapproval rate is 50. DO YOU KNOW WHAT PAUL RYANS IS? 54!!!” Clearly, somebody needs to throw some cold water on this guys lap when the name “Nancy Pelosi” comes up.

Can you believe this kind of nonsense is taken seriously on CNN? They all truly think this way!

Just another reason why we call them FAKE NEWS

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