Democrats continue to CRIPPLE Ben Carson from getting our Inner Cities back on track

He has no team.

After Donald Trump was sworn in as our President, Democrats plotted in the shadows. They plotted to do anything and everything they could to cripple the Trump Admin. and they sure have made things difficult.

Ben Carson knows this pain far too well. Carson is the only Senate-confirmed person in the entire HUD department! Democrat obstructionists have made it difficult for him to assemble a team and get to work! Scroll down for more.

Breitbart reports 

“Those are the kinds of things that we need to be thinking about. We need to be thinking about developing complete communities, not just putting people under a shelter. Our success should be defined by how many people we get out of public housing, not how many people we put into it. We have to make people self-sufficient,” he said.

Carson noted he was currently “the only Senate-confirmed person in the HUD building.”

“I fantasize about the whole concept of having some assistant secretaries and a deputy secretary,” he said wistfully. “I’m sure they’ll come someday. In the meantime, we’re not letting that stop us. We’ll continue to focus on what needs to be done to eliminate homelessness and to put people on the pathway to success in life.”

Marlow found it “shocking” that Carson did not have the executive assistance he needed. Carson replied that there was “plenty of blame to go around” for the situation.

 “I know for certain that there are certain people who don’t want things to get accomplished and who have actually admitted that to some,” he said.

“That’s neither here nor there. They can’t hold us up forever,” Carson declared. “The various secretaries, we’re working together. Our chiefs of staff are working together. The people here at HUD are doing a yeoman’s job. People told me, ‘You’d have difficulty working with them.’ That’s not the case. You get them involved in helping to resolve these problems. You benefit from their 10, 20, 30, 40 years here.”

Do you think it’s fair that Ben Carson has had his staff withheld over political feuds?


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