LEAKED Transcript Shows Deputy AG Rosenstein TRASHED Comey in TV Interview

The most senior DOJ official appears to be in favor of opening an investigation on Comey’s professional conduct.

A partial leaked transcript of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein’s interview with Fox News that’s set to air Wednesday shows him trashing james Comey’s professional conduct for detailing the encounter between him and President Donald Trump.

Reported by ZeroHedge:

“Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein suggested he was uncomfortable with former FBI director James Comey’s decision to leak contents of a memo detailing an encounter between him and President Donald Trump where the president – according to Comey’s interpretation of events – pressured him to drop an FBI investigation into former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

Rosenstein’s comments were made during an interview with Fox News that’s set to air Wednesday at 7 p.m. During the interview, a partial transcript of which was shared with the Washington Post, Rosenstein said those who work for the Justice Department have an obligation to keep documents about ongoing matters confidential. 

“Asked by Fox News’s Martha MacCallum whether it would ‘ever be proper’ for the FBI director to ‘make notes of a conversation in that regard and leak them to the press,’ Rosenstein responded, according to a partial transcript provided by Fox News,

‘As a general proposition, you have to understand the Department of Justice.  We take confidentiality seriously, so when we have memoranda about our ongoing matters, we have an obligation to keep that confidential.’

When MacCallum said she interpreted his answer as indicating he would not approve the release of a memo about a conversation with the president, the deputy attorney general reiterated his position.

As a general position, I think it is quite clear.  It’s what we were taught, all of us as prosecutors and agents,’ Rosenstein said, according to the transcript.”

Since then, a bevy of Republicans including Newt Gingrich have raised questions about the possibility of a conflict arising from the longtime friendship between Comey and Mueller, whose two families have vacationed together. Now, Comey is a key witness in an investigation being directed by Mueller.

As we’ve reported previously, nearly every member of Mueller’s team has contributed to Democratic candidates.

Rosenstein’s boss Sessions previously told “Fox & Friends” that Mueller was “entitled lawfully, I guess at this point, to hire who he desires, but I think he should look for people who have strength and credibility by all people.”

Pressed on whether he had confidence in Mueller, Sessions had said: “I feel confident in what he’ll do. That’s all I can say to you about that.”

In summary, Rosenstein’s comments about Comey’s decision to leak suggests that, if support for an investigation into Comey’s conduct continues to metastasize, he wouldn’t be opposed to ordering an investigation into the former FBI director.”

As an American, can you continue to trust anything what James Comey says, considering his professional conduct?


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