Don Jr. & Kellyanne Conway won the night with these EPIC reactions to the Georgia victory

There were obviously many Trump supporters who celebrated the epic Georgia Special election victory on Tuesday night, but the reactions by Donald Trump Jr. & Kellyanne Conway absolutely take the cake.

You see, Tuesday night was supposed to be a “referendum” against Trump. Democrats were convinced that they’d easily win this seat because Trump’s negatives are “so bad”. However, they fell into the same trap that they did before the November 8th election, and it was so fun to see them fall on their face again.

As we reported last night, Karen Handel won the vote easily with a 52-47 margin over the liberal candidate Jon Ossoff. Here are the final numbers from the NY Times:

Here is what Don Jr. had to say about the EPIC night:

Kellyanne Conway also chimed in on the fun:

What makes this victory SO sweet is that Democrats were banking on this election. They were hoping to use as a narrative against President Trump. They had their fingers crossed hoping that the Republicans would fall, but they were greatly disappointed.

Thank YOU to the people of Georgia for this epic victory! Now we can continue our agenda to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!



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