Gingrich Weighs in: “This consistently underestimated president just went four-for-four in special elections.”

He calls out the painful truth Democrats have to face

Newt Gingrich has always called things out and he just couldn’t hold back on the Georgia Special Election. This is the fourth major loss the Democrats have had since Trump won the 2016 election. Each and every time the Dems are making the same mistake. They think votes can be bought and ignore the big issues.

Gingrich has locked onto this and just called out the Democrats in his latest article. Scroll down and see just what He had to say!

Gingrich wrote

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidency, liberals have comforted themselves by saying it was all a mistake. They assume he is foolish, self-indulgent, and incompetent.

Yet this consistently underestimated president just went four-for-four in special elections.

If the elite media’s portrait of Donald Trump as an unpopular president was accurate, surely the Democrats could have won at least one seat.

But no, Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, Georgia – not once were the Democrats able to turn a GOP seat blue.

Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th District Tuesday night was the most visible, and the most unpredictable of them all.

Democrats poured over $30 million into their chosen champion, Jon Ossoff.

But Ossoff was flawed. He didn’t live in the district. He raised virtually all of his money from Hollywood and other far-left radicals who lived outside the district. And instead of addressing these issues, he chose to blandly avoid them.

Meanwhile, Republicans rose to the challenge. Handel was their champion, and they went all out to win. I have a friend who lives in the district and visited every home in her neighborhood on Election Day to ensure not a single voter failed to turn out.

Ironically, the higher the turnout, the better the Republicans did. This of course repudiates everything Democrats have believed for a generation about turnout. However, it fits the pattern Trump set in the primaries and in key rural areas in Wisconsin, Michigan. Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

Throughout the race, the elite media was consistently negative, but Trump’s use of social media ended up reaching a larger audience than the three major networks combined.

In Georgia, a similar situation occurred. The longer the race went on, the more vicious the leftwing media became, the more Handel grew, and the more Ossoff shrank.

For the Left this race had been portrayed as a referendum on Trump.

After Trump’s tweets and robocalls, there was a verdict.

Trump won.

It will be interesting to watch the elite media and leftwing activists try to deal with losing four straight elections. It will be equally interesting to watch them try to comfort themselves while they attempt to explain away Karen Handel’s victory.

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