YOU GUESSED IT: Bernie blames TRUMP for his wife’s bank fraud troubles [VIDEO]

Crazy Bernie spoke with ‘The View’ on Wednesday and blamed President Trump for his wife being investigated for bank fraud. (Yes, really).

Jane Sanders is being accused for fraudulently obtaining a $10 million bank loan as President of a New England college and Bernie says that it’s all the fault of the “Trump Campaign”. Forget the fact that SHE is the one who took out these shady fans, it’s all Trump’s fault, apparently.

They started questioning Bernie about whether or not it’s “sexist” for her to be investigated, and Bernie took that ball and ran with it.

Five years after she left the school… the Vice-chairman of the Republican Party in the state of Vermont and Donald Trump’s campaign director initiated an investigation against my wife as President,” said Bernie. “It wasn’t the bank that she did business with, it wasn’t the entity that she bought the property, it was the vice-chair of the Republican Party.”

“My wife is one of the most honest people I know,” said Sanders.

Watch his idiotic excuse below:

Bernie simply used took a page out of the Democrat Playbook…blame everything and everyone OTHER than yourself – and you’ll be fine!

What Bernie failed to explain was exactly how Trump is responsible for his wife taking shady loans?

Sadly, he’ll never admit to it…but WE THE PEOPLE are smarter than that!!!


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