HE’S BAAAAAACK; Loser Obama is going to hit the campaign trail this fall

Barack Hussein Obama will soon ramp up his attacks against Republicans & President Trump while he stumps for Virginia candidate Ralph Northam, who is seeking to become Governor of  the ‘Old Dominion’ State.

Although President George W. Bush sat back quietly and helped facilitate a peaceful transition of power, Obama is unapologetically opposing our current President.

According to the Daily Caller, Obama has committed to stump for Democrat Ralph Northam this fall, where he will likely use an “Anti-Trump” platform to make his arguments.

More from the Daily Caller:

Former President Barack Obama will return to the campaign trail this fall to stump for the Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate, according to reports.

Obama carried Virginia in both 2008 and 2012, and agreed to stump for Ralph Northam’s run for governor, the Huffington Post reported Thursday.

David Turner, a spokesman for Northam’s spokesman David Turner told the Washington Post that Obama promised to campaign for Northman this week. Turner said he would not “go into any further detail about the private conversations that Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam had with President Barack Obama.”

Obama, who left the presidency in January, kept a low profile for a few months but has recently reengaged with in politics. Obama released a statement Thursday about the Senate’s Affordable Health Care Act, designed to replace the former president’s signature Obamacare legislation.

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Just when you thought this narcissistic jerk would ride off into the sunset, he comes right back into the spotlight because he just can’t stand the fact that his “legacy” is going up in smokes every single day.

Why can’t he just go away?


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