Hypocrite: Scarborough flip flops; Claims Russians didn’t help Trump win (VIDEO)

That’s not what he was saying just a few months ago…

Wow. Leave it to the “Morning Joe” crew to make total fools of themselves. In an interesting twist, Joe Scarborough is now claiming that they don’t believe Russia had anything to do with Trump winning the 2016 election, it was all Hillary’s own mistakes that caused that. Why the sudden change in tune?

We took a quick flashback to May of this year and Scarborough was singing a much much different song. In this video both “Morning Joe” hosts were quick to jump all over Sarah Huckabee while she was trying to call outhow absurd the entire investigation was. Seems to me that they believed Trump was colluded and now they have totally flipped! Scroll down for videos.

Check out the recent flip flop from earlier today

Now take a quick blast into the past and see how things were going just a few months ago in May…

What a bunch of HYPOCRITES! They beat the collusion war drums for MONTHS! We aren’t buying this fake flop of opinions. Why the sudden change?


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