ICYMI: FBI reveals what the Virginia shooter GOOGLED the night before shooting at Republicans

On Wednesday, the FBI published a press release that gives us a more clear picture of the motive behind the actions of the Virginia shooter who opened fire on Republicans last week.

According to the FBI report, on the night before the Baseball practice shooting, James Hodgkinson Googled information about the Republican National Convention, which leads us to believe that he was seeking an easier way to identify the Republicans he wanted to target.

As it was reported last week, Hodgkinson also had a hit list of Republicans in his pocket on the day of the shooting.

More from the Washington Free Beacon:

The Illinois man who attacked the Republican congressional baseball team last week took to Google to find information on the Republican convention the night before the shooting, according to the FBI.

A Wednesday FBI press release confirmed much of what has already been reported. James T. Hodgkinson acted alone when he shot five people, including still-hospitalized Rep. Steve Scalise (R., La.), according to federal law enforcement.

But other tidbits potentially shed more light on his motives. “The Internet searches Hodgkinson performed the night before the shooting included a Google map search from Alexandria to his home in Belleville and a Google search of the ‘2017 Republican Convention,'” the FBI reported.

The FBI also revealed that Hodgkinson had a list in his pocket of the names of six members of Congress, and that he took several photos of the park in the days before the shooting. However, the FBI said it was too early to say whether that evidence is connected to the crime.

Hodgkinson’s social media accounts imply that he had a deep hatred of Republican politicians and was a fervent supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). In addition, Republican congressmen present at the shooting told the media that he approached them beforehand and asked if they were Democrats or Republicans.

This is solid proof that thiS crime was exactly what we expected all along…POLITICALLY MOTIVATED VIOLENCE.

This man was a radicalized left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who was hell-bent on hurting Republicans. We don’t necessarily blame Bernie for this mans actions (because we wouldn’t blame Trump is one of his supporters did this), but it goes to show that the violent rhetoric of the radical left can have deadly consequences.


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