ICYMI: Kathy Griffin interviewed by Secret Service

And it’s not over yet…

Kathy Griffin has received some serious heat after her awful publicity stunt. To spur your memory, Kathy Griffin found it to be funny to pose with a Trump mask decorated to look like a bloody severed head.

After her “stunt”, many called for her to be investigated by the Secret Service for threats against out President and those people are getting just that! Griffin has officially been interviewed by Secret Service and the investigation continues! Scroll down for more.

The Hill Reports 

Comedian Kathy Griffin was interviewed in person by the Secret Service for more than an hour over a controversial photo in which she posed with a fake decapitated head resembling President Trump, according to political reporter Yashar Ali.

The Secret Service’s probe into Griffin’s photo is still open, Ali reported in a tweet.


Griffin’s lawyers confirmed last month that an investigation had been opened and that they intend to fully cooperate.

Griffin apologized for the photo after sparking widespread outrage, saying she went “too far” and that she started getting “constant death threats.”

The comedian hinted last week at the tensions around the Secret Service’s investigation when she tweeted a response to an article arguing TMZ is the media’s “most potent” pro-Trump outlet, saying: “Hey … TMZ and [TMZ founder] Harvey Levin may you NEVER [be] under fed investigation like I am now.”


Hopefully they can get to the bottom of her TWISTED stunt and justice will be served!


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