ICYMI : Pelosi awkwardly giggled when asked about North Korea nukes

Folks, the video below confirms what we’ve all known for quite some time:

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with Nancy Pelosi!

We’ve pointed out in the past how she stutters, pauses, and forgets the name of our President, but todays press conference just took her crazy to a whole new level.

When being asked about North Korean aggression, the House Minority Leader broke out into an awkward giggle that is leaving us a bit puzzled.

Watch below:


Pelosi regained her composure as the reporter went on, before she sighed loudly into the microphone.

As the reporter finished asking his question about whether Pelosi thinks the administration will be able to protect the West Coast from an attack, she justified her “stature” in Washington by saying she’s “one of the few members of Congress to have visited Pyongyang.”


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