Investigators SHOCKED by the Final Tally of Obama & Family’s Travel Expenses

Wait… That’s not including travels to exotic places liked the French Polynesia for a month, AFTER leaving office.

Investigators from Freedom Watch finally tabulated the final travel expenses for Barack Obama through persistent efforts over the years. Folks, I would sit down before reading this number….because it’s bad.

The Washington Times reported:

“It’s taken a while, but investigators from Freedom Watch have at last tabulated a final travel bill for former President Barack Obama, who made much use of America’s ultimate ride — the magnificent, but pricey Air Force One. Through persistent efforts over the years, the watchdog group has done the math and figured the total cost for Mr. Obama’s travel when in office.

“We have carefully tracked the travel costs President Obama incurred, and we have an update. We have obtained records from the Secret Service and the Air Force in response to Freedom of Information Act requests that show Obama family travel cost taxpayers a grand total of $99,714,527,” reports director Tom Fitton. “Our nation has granted its presidents exquisite transport because we need for our leaders to be efficient and safe. However, we don’t need for them to luxuriate on our tax dollars.”

He is a precise investigator. The actual amount down to the last cent is $99,714,527.82.

The bill is based primarily on the cost to operate Air Force One — somewhere around $206,000 per hour, along with rental car fees, accommodations for personnel and other factors. Mr. Fitton has a few more information requests pending, primarily for Secret Service costs related to Mr. Obama’s travel after he left office and ventured to California and then a private resort in French Polynesia for a month.

With that, the tab can be closed out.

For eight long years, the Obamas spent our tax dollars for a lavish jet-setting lifestyle. Many in the media only focus on President Trump’s travel, but Barack Obama continues to cost taxpayers with his luxury travel, and we aim to document it. Of course, we are also actively tracking the travel expenses of President Trump,” Mr. Fitton notes.”


As taxpayer, how do you feel about the report?

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