Jeff Bridges gives REFRESHING Hollywood view about Trump: “I’m rooting for him to do well by our country”

During a Wednesday interview with the Associated Press, Jeff Bridges said that he is rooting for President Trump to do well, unlike many other Hollywood liberals.

In the past few weeks, not only have we seen Kathy Griffin hold up a bloodied, severed mock head of President Trump, but Johnny Depp touted his desire to assassinate President Trump. So, needless to say, the political climate in Hollywood is not pleasant.

However, Bridges is taking a different approach.

Here’s more from his interview (From the Associated Press):

Jeff Bridges played a president in “The Contender,” a political flick released nearly two decades ago in the wake of President Bill Clinton’s White House scandals.

But when it comes to critiquing the role of today’s real-life president, Bridges is a lot more laid back than some of his fellow celebrities. How would The Dude, the character he played in “The Big Lebowski,” handle things?

He likely wouldn’t be dangling a severed head in the likeness of President Donald Trump, as comedian Kathy Griffin came under fire for. Neither would The Dude joke about killing the president as Johnny Depp recently did. Griffin and Depp later apologized.

“Everybody has something different and unique to contribute to society and with different ways of doing it,” Bridges said in an interview Wednesday with The Associated Press, after taking part on a panel focused on child hunger at a meeting of the Western Governors Association in Whitefish, Montana.

“Some people will be blatantly out there talking about their disappointments and ridiculing the way President Trump is acting,” said Bridges, who supported Hillary Clinton in last year’s election.

“I’m rooting for him to do well by our country,” he said. “I’m rooting for him as a human being to do the cool thing,” Bridges said, as he pivoted back to his work against childhood hunger.

Even though Bridges didn’t vote for Trump, we’re still glad to see that he is willing to support him for the good of our country. We need more of this in Hollywood! Don’t you agree?


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