Johns Hopkins “38 North” Project Reveals DISTURBING NEW FINDINGS on N Korea Nuclear Development

The conclusion: N Korea is making as many nuclear weapons as possible before time runs out.

In a disturbing new report, Johns Hopkins “38 North” project reveals North Korea may have more nuclear weapons material than previously thought.

The Washington Times reported:

North Korea may have produced more nuclear bomb-making material than analysts previously thought, according to a report by the website, 38 North. Thermal images taken of the Yongbyon nuclear plant from September to the end of June show that increased production of plutonium, as well as enriched uranium, was possible.

“The Radiochemical Laboratory operated intermittently and there have apparently been at least two unreported reprocessing campaigns to produce an undetermined amount of plutonium that can further increase North Korea’s nuclear weapons stockpile,” 38 North wrote.

“Increased thermal activity was noted at the Uranium Enrichment Facility. It is unclear if this was the result of centrifuge operations or maintenance operations. Centrifuge operations would increase the North’s enriched uranium inventory.”

It is obvious that North Korea is racing to produce as many nuclear weapons as possible as the Trump administration increases pressure on China and Russia to halt the North’s nuclear activities. Perhaps Kim Jong-un realizes that the only thing that can prevent his regime from facing what happened to other Stalinist governments is a strong nuclear deterrent.

President Trump seems to be determined to prevent North Korea from continuing to threaten United States security and that of its allies.”


Do you think America can stop North Korea’s nuclear development without help from China or Russia?


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