Judicial Watch CHASING AFTER 100,000 More Hillary Clinton Emails from State Department

Bureaucracy at its finest under Obama: the last court order ruled for the State Department process documents at the rate of 500 pages per month! 

Judicial Watch is reportedly bringing the U.S. Department of State to court Thursday to chase after 100,000 more emails Hillary Clinton “failed to disclose” when she served as Secretary of State.

Fox News reported:

“A Federal Court hearing will take place Thursday over a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails during her tenure at the State Department, Judicial Watch announced Wednesday.

The case, Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State, was originally filed in May 2015, and will be heard before Judge James Boasberg in Washington D.C. U.S. District Court.

The hearing will focus on the State Department’s progress on processing 100,000 emails Clinton “failed to disclose” when she served as Secretary of State. Some of the emails, according to Judicial Watch, were sent by Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.

Last week, the FBI apparently gave the State Department a new disc of records relating to the Clinton email lawsuit. Judicial Watch is seeking those records, along with any documents and materials that have surfaced from Weiner’s laptop. 

The court ordered in November 2016 that the State Department process documents at the rate of 500 pages per month, of the 33,000 emails Clinton allegedly attempted to delete from her non-government server.

“This is an example of the bureaucracy doing what they want to do –I can’t imagine President Trump would be happy with the fact that they are slow-rolling the release of these Clinton materials and literally defending her in court,” President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton told Fox News Wednesday. “It is worse now, under the Trump administration, than it was during the Obama administration because then, you had a glare of public spotlight, but now, they think no one is watching.”

Fitton added: “The bureaucracy is going to do what they want to protect Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration –and at the rate the State Department is processing these documents, we won’t have all of the documents we’ve requested until at least 2020.”

When asked to comment on the lawsuit, a State Department spokesperson told Fox News that State does not comment on ongoing litigation.

The State Department has produced 17 batches of documents so far, according to Judicial Watch.”


Do you think Judicial Watch will ever get its hands on all the 100,000 emails?


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