LISTEN: Prominent Attorney Proves That Don Jr. Did NOTHING Wrong

On Tuesday, White House counsel Jay Sekulow told Sean Hannity that there is absolutely no “illegality” in what Don Jr. did last June. Sekulow went on to explain how this type of meeting is a common political practice and that “nothing actually happened”.

When Sekulow divulged more information about the meeting itself, it’s clear that there was NOTHING criminal about what was talked about:

Well the interview with the lawyer establishes that in fact the meeting in reality had nothing to do with anything involving the election. That she was basically lobbying for a change in a law” said Sekulow.

“Here’s what we do know: nothing happened. She got no documents, no documents were released, no documents were given out, nothing on Hillary Clinton, no follow-up, no case, no issue, done” he added.

Listen to more of his comments below:

Sekulow finished the interview strong by proving that there is ZERO illegality in the meeting that Don Jr. attended:

There’s no illegality in the meeting. Opposition research is not an unusual discussion within a political campaign. So, here’s what you got, no illegality in the meeting,” said Sekulow. “At the end of the day there’s nothing to it […] None of that ended up being true. None of it happened.

“What do you really have here? You have a meeting that produced nothing. That’s not a crime,” he added.

Are you feeling better about this whole situation after hearing Jay Sekulow’s explanation?

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