LOL: Here’s the latest ‘Trump Move’ that has the liberal media FREAKING out…

There’s a brand new scandal brewing in Washington, and it just might be bigger than the Russia investigation.

Folks, President Trump has – wait for it – driven his golf cart on the “Green”. *GASP*

This week, a video’s surfaced of President Trump golfing during one of his weekend trips to his golf course in Bedminster, NJ. The video shows Trump driving his golf cart across what many people believe to be the green — a major “party foul” in golf circles.

Here’s the “smoking gun” video that has liberals losing their minds:

The liberal media saw this as a “mortal sin” (because of course they did).

According to MRC Newsbusters, the liberal media raged over the incident:

The journalists at CBS and NBC have found a new Donald Trump “outrage” to hyperventilate over: The President drove his golf cart onto a green at one of the courses he owns. This, according to CBS This Morning guest host David Westin, is a “mortal sin.” Today‘s Matt Lauer insisted he was “gasping” over video of Trump.

On CBS, co-host Norah O’Donnell huffed, “Well, golf is a sport of etiquette, but President Trump appears to have committed a golfing sin.” Continuing the religious language, unusual for liberal journalists, Westin excoriated, “This is a mortal sin, actually, if you’re a golfer. A mortal sin.” 

A mortal sin? Even as a joke, this type of language is way over the top. Over on NBC’s Today, Lauer mentioned the story at 7am as the show opened. He hyped, “A golden rule of golf broken. You won’t believe who is behind the wheel today.”

Here are some of the most hysterical reactions to this incident:

We understand this is a “No No” in golfing circles, but it just goes to show that ANYTHING Trump does will draw outrage. I think Trump could create 50 million jobs and the liberal media would still complain.

What are your thoughts?


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