WATCH: Jesse Jackson is COMPLETELY delusional; “We won the election”

Apparently, somebody hasn’t filled Reverend Jesse Jackson in on the results of the 2016 election between Donald Trump & Crooked Hillary Clinton.

While speaking in Chicago on Thursday, Jackson told the crowd “We won the election.

Um…where has he been for the last 9 months? You think that somebody would have maybe said something to him by now.

Watch his insanity below:

“To have a head of our party, who is sensitive to the plight of working people is the order of this day,” said Jackson. “Don’t forget when you lose you tend to amplify: ‘Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.’ When you win, you cover up your sins. Don’t let them fool you. We worked last year. We won the election. It was stolen.”

So there you have it folks. The Democrats are STILL living in the land of denial!

When will they ever come out of their cave and face reality?


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