LOL: Liberal media has collective MELTDOWN after Trump slams CNN in Poland [VIDEO]

While in Poland, President Trump wasn’t shy to express how he felt about the American media. 

When asked about the whole “wrestling video” fiasco, our President pressed into the fake news network known as CNN.

CNN has really taken it too seriously, and I think they have hurt themselves very badly” said the President on Thursday. “What we want to see in the United States is honest, beautiful, free, but honest press. We want to see fair press […] We don’t want fake news.

Watch below:

Upon hearing this jab overseas, CNN and the liberal media had a collective meltdown (and it was hilarious).

First up, CNN themselves.

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta was the first to come unhinged following President Trump’s joint press conference with the Polish President.

Watch below:


Acosta immediately pounced on the President’s words, implying a “conservative” journalist was specifically instructed by the administration to ask Trump a question relating to CNN.

“Unfortunately, this was not a surprise at all that the President would take the first question from an American reporter during his foreign trip and that it would be from the friendly news media, a friendly reporter who teed up a question about CNN,” said Acosta.

Acosta wasn’t the only liberal media pundit to have a meltdown, no.

Liberal Joe Scarborough was also massively offended:

Aw, poor baby. We hope his feelings aren’t too hurt.

Here are some other media freakouts, as pointed out by the Daily Caller:

“The President of the United States, representing the U.S. on foreign soil, attacks the American free press as ‘fake news,’” wrote NBC News editor Brad Jaffy, linking to a video of Trump’s comments.

“Stunning to see Trump attack a free press on foreign soil to a foreign leader who also regularly attacks the media,” said MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin.

“He’s overseas, ripping a free press and defending the country that interfered in our election,” complained Forbes contributor Mark Joyella. “Oh. And talking about how he won in November.”

“Trump attacking American media while overseas at the start of a global leaders conference is a new yet totally expected low,” wrote BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner.

ABC News’ chief political analyst Matthew Dowd conceded that Trump gave a “good speech in Poland” but then added that the president “derails himself by questioning our own intelligence agencies, attacking Obama and free press.”

We’re so glad to see Trump telling the TRUTH about the American press overseas.

Are you happy to see him calling out CNN in Poland? Comment below…

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