LOL: Liberals boycott local market that carries ‘Trump Wine’…backfires IMMEDIATELY!

It must really suck to lose so much

I wonder if liberals are sensing a pattern here…

They boycott Ivanka’s products….her sales skyrocket to #1 on Amazon

They boycott Inauguration singer Jackie Evancho….sales skyrocket

Now they are protesting Wegmens markets in Richmond Virginia because they carry “Trump Wine”…..and now THAT is backfiring on them! Not only are they selling more wine, but they’re SELLING OUT of Trump wine!

Here’s the full story from The Richmond Times:

“A boycott of Trump Winery products at Wegmans has caused just the opposite effect: Five of the wine varieties have sold out at the two Richmond-area Wegmans stores.

“Both Midlothian and Short Pump (stores) have sold out all five of the Trump wines we carry,” said Jo Natale, vice president of media relations for Wegmans. “They will be replenished when they are available, possibly three to four weeks.”

The grocery retailer’s eight other stores in Virginia also either have sold out of all or have sold out of some Trump Winery varieties, she said.

The Wegmans store in Charlottesville, for instance, is out of the Trump Winery Chardonnay and Trump Winery Sauvignon Blanc, but it has three other varieties still available. “That store had a larger inventory because they’ve had a big demand right along — probably because of the location,” Natale said.”

Many turned to social media to proclaim their right to shop– and applauded the store for not caving to anti-Trump sentiments

Isn’t that HILARIOUS?!

When will liberals learn that the MORE they boycott, the more WE WIN?

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