LOL: Marco Rubio and Ivanka TROLLED the media over a “failed hug”

The media didn’t realize they were being mocked…

This was hilarious! Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump just pulled a fast one on the media and they fell for it. A photo went viral on twitter yesterday after it appeared that there was a major failed greeting between Rubio and Ivanka.

After this photo went viral, Rubio took to twitter and responded just how the media has been over Trump, an all out panic! It was an obvious mockery but they didn’t get it. LOL.

Here’s what Rubio said after the photo made it’s initial rounds on Twitter:

Two minutes later, Rubio tweeted again, saying he has his own evidence to add to the discussion.

A call for help came next, when Rubio asked those who happened to be filming at the Senate carriage entrance Tuesday between 11:20 a.m. and 11:25 a.m. to hand over their footage.

Thirty minutes after Rubio opened the investigation, he tweeted out a photograph that shed new light on the supposed hug.

Just over a half hour after that first photo, Rubio tweeted another image providing a different perspective, announcing it as “BREAKING NEWS.”

In a seventh tweet, Rubio closed the case by saying the evidence, and his own memory, concludes that no hug was attempted, although the images seem to show something different.

She also retweeted Rubio’s tweet with the photo of the blurred faces, calling it “Fake news!” and ensuring that her followers know that Rubio is, in fact, a good hugger, despite Rubio’s denial of the hugs.

If the “covfefe” at the end didn’t give them enough to see it was a joke…i don’t know what will! Excellent TROLL  job by Rubio! 

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