LOL: Michael Moore has full-blown MELTDOWN after another Democrat loss; “I hate to say this….”

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore was none too pleased with Democrats after they lost AGAIN to Republicans on Tuesday night. Moore was in the majority of Democrats who believed this Georgia special election was a “referendum” on Trump…but it turned out to be one big DUD for Democrats.

On Wednesday afternoon, Moore took to Twitter to express his displeasure, blaming the Democratic party, who is “0-4” in 2017 elections so far:

Moore tore into the DNC for having “no message, no plan, no leaders.”. He even claimed that Democratic leaders “hate the resistance,” (although he never really articulates what the “resistance” actually is.

If liberals across America are melting down after a tiny election in Georgia in 2017, imagine what they’ll be doing on election night in 2020 when Trump gets re-elected? MY OH MY will that be a sight to see!

Until then, we’ll continue to enjoy all of the WINNING we’ve been experiencing.


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