After long fought battle, Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck settle lawsuit

It’s finally over

The Dallas Morning news reports that Tomi Lahren and ‘The Blaze’ have settled their lawsuit. Although most of the details of the settlement are confidential, we can now be sure that Tomi will be able to access all of her social media accounts! If you remember, she was locked out of her Facebook account for a little over a month during this whole ordeal.

“The Blaze is pleased to announce that the relationship with Tomi Lahren has concluded,” a spokesperson for The Blaze said in an emailed statement. “Ms. Lahren will continue to have access to her social media accounts as has always been the case.”

Lahren will now be free to seek employment wherever she pleases, as well as continue to speak to her 4 million+ fans on Facebook.

The whole controversy started when Tomi visited “The View” and seemed to suggest that conservatives were “hypocrites” for wanting to control abortion but didn’t want people touching their guns.

Tomi took to Facebook after the case was settled. Here’s what she had to say:

“I learned a lot and I wouldn’t trade these lessons for anything”, Tomi said on her most recent video. “This was meant to be, and now I can move forward freely, fearlessly, and with my head held high.

Are you glad to have Tomi back full time?

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