Look what Trump is NOT wearing that’s turning heads at the G20 summit

While at the G20 Summit in Germany, most of the world leaders wore the “G20 Summit Pin” on their collar. President Trump, however, chose a more meaningful fashion choice that shows he’s always about putting AMERICA FIRST!

Can you see what separates President from everyone else?

pin 1
G20 Nations Hold Hamburg Summit
The President’s decision is no accident. During his Inauguration Speech, President Trump told the American people that he was elected to be the leader of AMERICA, not the world.

It’s his constant decision to put America First that draws us to support him. While Obama & Crooked Hillary were always so focused on the feelings of other countries, President Trump has put WE THE PEOPLE as the #1 priority…and it’s one hell of a refreshing change!

Are you happy to say that we finally have a President who loves our country? Comment below…

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