Mayor de Blasio skipped town to PROTEST Trump right after an Officer was slain…Look how the Cops responded

He turned his back on them, they returned the favor

A police officer, Miosotis Familia , was tragically assassinated while sitting in her squad car. Her funeral was attended by thousands of officers and a lot of them were upset that their Mayor skipped town to protest our President just a day after their sister was slain.

During the Mayor’s eulogy for the officer, hundreds of cops turned their backs to the mayor, a clear sign of disrespect, to repay him for ignoring their fallen friend. Scroll down for more details.

New York Post reports 


Hundreds of cops once again turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio at a police funeral.

Scores of officers who assembled outside the World Changers Church in The Bronx for assassinated police officer Miosotis Familia on Tuesday protested the mayor by showing the building their backs as speakers broadcast Hizzoner’s eulogy from inside. The move was reminiscent of the funeral for slain officer Wenjian Liu in 2015, who was also executed by a cop-hating madman.

The officers chatted with one another or swiped through their phones during the mayoral snub.

The protest comes after de Blasio skipped town to participate in G-20 Summut protests in Germany on Thursday — the day after Familia, a 12-year department veteran and mother of three, was killed by maniac gunman Alexander Bonds.

“Mr. Mayor, you didn’t have to travel to Germany for a protest — all you had to do is speak in front of the men and women of the NYPD,” Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins said.

Police promptly turned around when it was announced the police commissioner was next to speak — but not all resumed paying attention.

A de Blasio spokesman downplayed the police snub at his boss.

“A couple dozen people showed up to partake in a bogus controversy ginned up by the media and those looking to politicize Detective Familia’s death. That’s unfortunate,” rep Austin Finan wrote in an email to The Post.

“The mayor, police commissioner and thousands of police officers from the city and beyond attended today’s service in solidarity to pay their respects and honor Miosotis Familia.”

He should have stayed and addressed his city for their loss but instead he went after our POTUS. Shame. 

These officers made a great move! Anyone that would abandon their city deserves no respect!


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