Mo Brooks With Powerful Message To Build Border Wall or Face Government Shutdown

There is no mistake where Mo Brooks stands with the border wall.

Brooks was almost taken out by the shooter who opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball game practice, as he was one of many members at the practice.

Brooks’ name actually appeared on the shooter’s hit list, though he was not hit in the shooting that has landed House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in the hospital multiple times.

Breitbart reported: Mo Brooks, one of three major candidates in the race to succeed now Attorney General Jeff Sessions for Sessions’ seat, made the threat in a new ad set to air statewide in Alabama on television soon.

“Hi, I’m Mo Brooks, candidate for the Senate, and I approved this message,” Brooks opens the ad, titled “Build The Wall.” The ad was provided exclusively by Brooks’ campaign to Breitbart News ahead of its public release.

The ad then cuts to President Trump’s speech in mid-2015 at Trump Tower in New York City from the day he launched his campaign for president.

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” Trump said in that speech, the clip of which is used by Brooks in the ad.

“President Trump promised a wall to keep us safe and to protect American jobs for American workers,” Brooks then says on camera:

But even some establishment Republicans are blocking the way. Elect me to the Senate, and I’ll fight every spending bill that doesn’t fund that wall. And if I have to filibuster on the Senate floor, I’ll even read the King James Bible until the wall is funded. And you know what? Washington could benefit from that. We’re going to build that wall, or you’ll know the name of every Republican who surrenders to the Democrats to break my filibuster. I give you my word, and I don’t give my word lightly.


Brooks’ clarion call for border wall funding in the government spending bills coming up comes as many in the GOP establishment are not interested in standing with President Trump in ensuring that a wall is built on the U.S. border with Mexico. What he promises in this ad is a guarantee to fight as hard as a U.S. Senator can for the wall.

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