NJ high school does something DESPICABLE to students wearing “Trump” gear


Apparently, the staff at a New Jersey high school think that the name “Trump” is too triggering for those reading their yearbook, so they decided to CENSOR anything and everything that had his name on it. I highly doubt they would do this this if it was a “Bernie Sanders” shirt, which is just more proof of the disgusting double standard that exists in our country.

According to Fox News, two different students had their shirts “blacked out” because they had the name “Trump” on them.

More from Fox News:

“A New Jersey high school is under fire after President Donald Trump’s name was digitally removed from two students’ yearbook photos, and another student’s quote from the president was also excluded.

Wall Township High School says it has no policy preventing students from expressing their political views, so this apparent censorship has students and parents looking for answers.

Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago, whose “TRUMP: Make America Great Again” vest was altered for the yearbook, believes there was a deliberate attempt to silence his freedom of speech.

“I guess someone just didn’t like our president and wanted to not have him in the yearbook,” Dobrovich-Fago said on “Fox & Friends” this morning.

He said this censorship is “insane,” and he’s calling for all the yearbooks to be reissued with the photos and quote intact.

“I think also that the people or person who did this should be held responsible, because it is a violation of mine and other people’s First Amendment,” Dobrovich-Fago said. “And that’s wrong.”

UPDATE: The Wall High School teacher and adviser of the yearbook club has been suspended due to alleged censorship.”

Isn’t it sad that our youth can’t even support our President without being censored?

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