NY Times contributor floats “death penalty” for Steve Bannon

Louise Mensch, who is a contributor for The New York Times, floated a wild conspiracy theory that the DEATH PENALTY is being considered for Steve Bannon. This is the NY Times of 2017, folks…

Just when you thought the liberal media couldn’t stoop any lower, they do something like this.

“My sources say the death penalty, for espionage, being considered for @StevenKBannon. I am pro-life and take no pleasure in reporting this,” Mensch tweeted yesterday:

In case she deletes the tweet, here is a screenshot:


She tried to hedge her position by saying “I take no pleasure in reporting this”, but her Twitter feed is filled with vile and disgusting remarks that incite violence against Republicans and anyone else associated with the Trump administration.

Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter:

Here’s a throwback video of her getting OWNED for her stupid conspiracy theories:

Yes folks, she is completely INSANE!!!


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