(PHOTOS) Melania Trump visits Children’s Hospital in Paris and it was Beautiful

Our wonderful FLOTUS

Melania Trump may not have always planned on being the First Lady of the United States but she sure is good at it. Melania Trump has embodied the beauty and grace that is our great country and brings it with her all over the world.

Donald and Melania are in Paris while Donald meets with the French President Macron. Melania took this time to go and visit the children at a local Children’s hospital. Check out the photos below to witness this amazing visit.

Daily Mail Reports 

First Lady Melania Trump met with patients at a children’s hospital in central Paris as she and husband, President Donald Trump, arrived in France for Bastille day.

Melania wore a bright red suit jacket, a matching skirt and red heels as she arrived in the Enfants Malades wing at Necker Hospital in Paris.

The visit to the hospital, where she spoke in French to young patients as well as staffers, was Melania’s first public engagement during her and Trump’s two-day visit to France.

Following the visit, Melania shared a photo to social media of herself shaking hands with one of the patents at the hospital. 

‘Thank U @hospital_necker for allowing me to visit your wonderful patients & inspirational staff,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Continued prayers for good health for all.’

She was greeted at the entrance of the hospital by Martin Hirsch, the general director of Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris who oversees Paris’s 39 public teaching hospitals. 

Melania then shook hands with a group of hospital representatives, including Professor Pierre Carli, who is the head of emergency services in Paris. 

The First Lady listened to Hirsch as he told her about the hospital, which is decorated with brightly colored chairs and a space-themed play area for children.

Melania then spent a little over ten minutes meeting with six young patients gathered in a playroom at the hospital.

Some of the children’s parents were in the room as Melania and the children gathered around a table topped with building blocks, books and toys.

‘Hello! Bonjour! How are you?’ Trump said as she entered the room. She then spoke to the children in French, one of the five languages she speaks. 

She is also fluent in Serbian, German, Italian and English.

As reporters came into the room, Melania switched to English as an adult in the room translated for some of the French-speaking children.

Sitting in an adult-sized chair at the table, Melania leafed through a coloring book for the classic French story The Little Prince, which Hirsch explained to her.

 All of the children want to become the prince,’ he said at one point.

‘Of course,’ Trump said with a smile.

Hirsch later presented her with a paperback copy of a French version of the book, titled Le Petit Prince.

As he apologized that the book was in French, Melania told him that it would help her practice the language.

Melania spoke to the children about Paris, which she called ‘beautiful’, and asked about the toys they were playing with.

‘I always say how important it is to have, you know, teachers in children’s lives,’ Melania told educators in the room. ‘It’s the most important. They see them every day and spend so much time.

‘It’s very important in the child’s life. Sometimes it’s not easy, right? You’re doing a great job. 

To Trump’s right was Ysatis Guyomarc’h, a 14 year old in a wheelchair. After the meeting, Guyomarc’h spoke of the First Lady’s beauty.

To Trump’s right was 14-year-old Ysatis Guyomarc’h, who was in a wheelchair. She told the First Lady that she expected to leave the hospital Monday for a month of rehabilitation.

‘You look very good, very strong … Soon you’ll be walking and running,’ Melania told her.

Ysatis later told The Associated Press she appreciated the visit.

‘It was very pleasant and really good. She’s beautiful and gorgeous,’ Ysatis said. 

A little after 10am, about half an hour after arriving at the hospital, Melania thanked the children and told them to ‘be well’.

‘Thank you very much for having me,’ she said. ‘Stay strong.’

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