President Trump SALUTES 101 Year Old Veteran On Phone…

Lt. Col. Dick Cole is the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raiders.

President Trump has always been a huge veteran supporter. Trump usually goes out of his way when possible to show his love and respect for our vets and military.

Washington Examiner reported:

President Trump spoke on the phone Sunday with retired Lt. Col. Dick Cole, the last surviving member of the Doolittle Raiders, the White House said Monday.

During the phone call, Trump offered “best wishes and support to this 101-year-old veteran who was recently injured.”

“The president congratulated Lt. Col. Cole on his courage, thanked him for his service, and wished him a full recovery in advance of his upcoming 102nd birthday,” the White House said.Cole served as co-pilot of the lead B-25 bomber during the April 18, 1942, raid on Tokyo.
The bomber was piloted by Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, and the raid took place after the attack on Pearl Harbor.Cole and the Doolittle Raiders knew they would not have enough fuel to make it back to friendly territory, yet launched their aircraft anyway.
Cole and his crew eventually bailed out over China, where they received help from Chinese soldiers and civilians, and an American missionary.President Trump appreciates the service and sacrifice of all veterans as we celebrate Independence Day,” the White House said.”

 Do you support all that President Trump is doing for veterans?

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