Reebok gets political by taking shot at Trump…but Twitter SILENCES them by exposing their hypocrisy

Reebok just did the worst thing a national brand could do – get political.

Macy’s tried that in 2015, and we see how well that’s working out for them (their stock is down nearly 65%).

Now, Reebok is taking a shot at President Trump’s attempt to compliment French President Emmanual Macron’s wife. In case you missed it last week, he complimented her by saying she had a “nice figure”.

Here’s that moment:

Upon seeing that, Reebok took a shot at President Trump by giving him a “chart” of when to compliment a “nice figure”.

Here’s what they tweeted:

Since Reebok took the “moral high ground” when it comes to “objectifying women”, Trump supporters on Twitter began to SHRED them to pieces for their hypocrisy. As you’ll see below, Reebok has a LONG history of using women’s bodies to promote their products.

Look below for some of the highlights from the Trump twitter-sphere:

Isn’t it sad that Reebok has to stoop this low? Looks like they just lost LOTS of customers!


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