SHOCK AUDIO: Nebraska Dem Official wishes death on Steve Scalise; “I’m glad he got shot; I wish he was f**king dead”

In a shocking new leaked audio, a Democratic official from Nebraska can be heard praising the Anti-GOP shooting last week at the Republicans baseball practice. He can clearly be heard saying: “I’m glad he got shot” and “I wish he was f–king dead.”

According to the NY Post, the man in this audio is named Phil Montag, and he has now been fired.

Here’s more from their report, including the shocking audio:

A Democratic official from Nebraska was fired this week after an audio clip surfaced of him blasting House Majority Whip Steve Scalise — saying, “I’m glad he got shot” and “I wish he was f–king dead.”



Party chair Jane Kleeb plucked technology chairman Phil Montag from his post Thursday as punishment for his expletive-laden rant, which was posted on YouTube on Wednesday for all to hear.

“This motherf–ker, his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to f–king kick people off f–king health care,” Montag can be heard saying during a conversation with Nebraska Democratic Party Black Caucus chair Chelsey Gentry-Tipton and one of her friends.

“I’m f–king glad he got shot!” Montag adds, in reference to the shooting at the congressional baseball practice, in which Scalise took a bullet to the hip and suffered serious injuries.

And we wonder why so many radicalized leftists want violence against Republicans? It’s because of hateful and vile rhetoric like THIS!!!

What in the hell has our world come to?



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