Surprise: CNN hosts DEFEND Trump over “Sexist Compliment”

Their guest went too far even for CNN

CNN hosts typically tend to be on the offensive when it comes to Donald Trump but even they have to disagree with the latest outrage. During a call with the Irish Prime Minister, Trump called over one of the Irish press and complimented her. “She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.” He told her. The reporter than took to twitter to share her bizarre moment and now “sexist” outrage has come pouring forward.

Democrat strategist Maria Cardona was furious over the compliment and became even more outraged as Don Lemon started to DEFEND TRUMP by writing the compliment off as innocent and a nice gesture. Scroll down for video.

You know you are going too far off your rocker to get at Trump when CNN jumps to his defense!

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