Surprised: House Freedom Caucus PROMISING “Open Mind” About Senate ObamaCare Repeal Bill

With the hard-liners backing off, Senate can work better in passing the ObamaCare repeal bill.

In a surprised move, the hard-line House Freedom Caucus is reportedly promising o keep an open mind about the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill.

via Politico:

“The most hard-line conservatives in the House are taking an unusually cautious approach to the Senate’s Obamacare replacement, promising to keep an open mind about whatever their colleagues across the Capitol send back.

It’s a change in strategy for the House Freedom Caucus.

When House leaders first released a health care bill in February, for instance, group members took to television talk shows to pan the plan as “Obamacare lite,” furious that it didn’t, in their eyes, do enough to unravel the 2010 health care law.

They also threatened to withhold their support until changes were made, and later won concessions.

For now, those hardball tactics have disappeared. As the Senate looks to pass its own health care legislation this week, those same House conservatives are taking a more measured approach — even as several conservatives in the Senate are currently balking at the bill.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said last week that he — and the majority of the group — would likely back the Senate measure if it includes a few changes offered by conservative ally Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). And he’s signaled in recent weeks a willingness to bend on other Freedom Caucus priorities, including state waivers for Obamacare regulations that were essential to winning over the hard-liners’ support in the House just a few weeks ago.

As senators began negotiating, the Freedom Caucus refrained from taking formal positions on ideas floating around the upper chamber that many in their ranks would have once rushed to oppose. And Freedom Caucus vice chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Thursday said it’s unlikely that they’ll weigh in on the plan soon.”

Do you think Senate has a higher chance of passing the bill?

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