Ted Cruz, Mike Lee Making Backroom Deals for ObamaCare Repeal

It’s so far right that the exact nature of the policies they are pushing may be both politically and procedurally impossible to achieve.

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are reportedly pressurizing Republican leaders to gut ObamaCare repeal through backroom conversations.

Politico reported:

“Four years ago, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz launched an all-out media blitz to stop Obamacare implementation that culminated in a 16-day government shutdown. Now the conservative senators are still pressuring GOP leaders to go further than their colleagues in gutting the law, but they’re making their push through quiet backroom conversations instead.

It’s a shift for the Senate GOP’s two leading agitators, who are trying to build consensus in their own unique, hard-line way. And where they end up will ultimately determine whether Republicans are able to pass a bill.

If Lee and Cruz are able to help craft a compromise that can win 50 Republican votes, their support will go far in easing concerns from other conservatives who still deride the bill as Obamacare-lite. Yet the firm positions of Cruz (R-Texas) and Lee (R-Utah) are still imperiling the Senate Republicans’ repeal effort by pushing the party more to the right than many more centrist lawmakers would like to go.

They are intent on slashing the law’s regulatory regime and pre-existing condition language, a political third-rail in the health care debate that’s caused several awkward encounters in party lunches, according to senators and aides. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who created the GOP’s working group with Cruz, has now taken to pushing back against the duo at party meetings, speaking on behalf of the majority of the caucus, those sources said.

Cruz and Lee also played an integral role in halting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s quick strike plan to pass a bill and avoid a recess facing the bill’s many critics. But they are operating with a greater goal in mind: creating a bill conservative enough to quickly pass the House and avoid dragging out the party’s health-care battles any further.

However, the exact nature of the policies they are pushing may be both politically and procedurally impossible to achieve. The Consumer Freedom Act that they are advocating would create parallel health insurance markets in states, with one containing protections for people with pre-existing conditions and another that would allow the sale of plans outside Obamacare’s regulatory regime, likely with no subsidies.”

Will you support the far right version of ObamaCare repeal that Lee and Cruz are peddling?

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